Monday, October 27, 2008

Chanlder Grace's 1st Haircut

(more catching up)
I have to confess that I took Kennedy and Jackson to a salon to get their first haircuts. But in an effort to save the $15 and make sure some curls were left (which didn't happen with Jackson despite my requests), I gave Chandler Grace her first haircut October 13th. Ah, the joys of being #3!
She did great and I consider it a success with no blood or obvious hair butchering. It was very special to me that I gave her her first haircut! I saved a curl, just like I have with her sister and brother, and put a pink ribbon clip on it for her baby box.


I got a little scissor happy, and decided to give Jackson a much needed trim. I saved $30, so I'm happy. Not as happy as my husband was!



Dallas said...

Sweet babies!

Amanda said...

I think I smell a new profession - great job on both haircuts!

Emily said...

Please read my newest post ,and then I need you to come down to B'ham and fix my child's hair. Oh, my. I thought the same thing--go to Walmart, save a few bucks. Not the case. I think CG and Jackson's haircuts look great!!!!! You're right, you can tell the lady to just barely cut, but they have a mind of their own! I'll post a picture when W is up from his nap.

April said...

Cute kids! Cute haircuts! You are very brave. I have never attempted to cut my kids hair, though I would love to save the money. Way to go!

Collins Family said...

They look great, I love the cuts. You may have a new side profession huh! Great job!

sheaholstead said...

great hair cut and great pics! You do a great job!

Whitney said...

Both look great! You wanna start cutting my hair?