Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is always a big event with Jackson's birthday and Jordan having Monday off.
We finished the weekend by spending the entire day out in the pool on Monday. It was the perfect day to be in the water. The kids enjoyed eating pickles out

side and playing with their new water guns in the pool before lunch. We came in for lunch and naps. While me and the babies took a nap, Jordan helped Kennedy hang her bird feeder.
When we got up, it was back outside! Dinner was a special treat-Daddy grilled steaks, our favorite. He and Kennedy call themselves "The Grill Buddies" and eat 1 steak off the grill! Jackson joined the club last year, but seemed more enthused this year! He normally doesn't eat meat, but even he could not resist Daddy's steaks. After dinner, we had star cookies and ice cream for desert.
Then it was time for fireworks-well, sparklers, anyway. It satisfied our crew. What a great way to end the day and the fun weekend.
We explained to Kennedy why we celebrate this day. She couldn't believe people would fight for her. My thoughts exactly. She even said she may fight for her family when she gets big. She has the most tender heart, and I truly believe she meant it. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and Memorial Day weekend!


April said...

Looks like a fun day! I enjoyed the slide show. You got some great pics of everyone!

Collins Family said...

Looks like fun I love the new pool, lots more room to play!

Holly said...

What a great memorial day! I love the picture of you in the pool with your kids. I love the pig tails! I love each story about your children. They are precious and I know you and Jordan must be so proud!

Amy said...

Hey Kim! Love the pictures of your family. Your kids are beautiful!

Sherrill said...

Hey! I found you through a link on a friend's site and wanted to say hello. You guys have such a beautiful family...Kennedy looks like she's a handful of personality. Jackson looks like a mini-Jordan and I think that Chandler looks a lot like you. I'm actually just over an hour from you, close to Hillsborough. I've been here for just over five years and married for two (my husband grew up here) and we're expecting our first baby in November. I hope that you're all doing really well...it's great to 'see' you. It's probably been about ten years! -Sherrill (Ganus)

Amy said...

Kim, Yes, it's Amy from Harding Academy. I found you through Amanda Thornton's blog. It's so fun to catch up with people. Thanks for your comments!

Kristy said...

Amanda showed me you're blog. I wasn't aware that y'all had 3 kids now, so happy for y'all! I'm in pharmacy school now, just have 1 more year left! Would love to hear frpm you, klalton34@yahoo.com

maryann said...

I have really enjoyed all your wonderful pictures...from Memorial DAy, to Jackson's b'day to Chuckee Cheese. I love the way you make every occasion such a big deal for your family!!!
What memories you are making!