Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chandler Grace 11 Months (5/11/08)

I missed this post since it was on Mother's Day also, but Chandler Grace turned 11 months old!

1 more month and my baby will be 1! (No longer 0 as Kennedy says).
This month Chandler Grace is walking more and more. She's had her first pool experience. Her favorite book is "Clang Clang, Bang Bang". Her favorite show is Blue's Clues or Yo Gabba Gabba (the only 2 she sits through) and she gets so excited when she sees Moose A. Moose (Noggin). She loves to bite and drink from the kid's sippy cups, She belly laughs-mainly for Kennedy. She is a Mama's girl. At times, a Daddy's girl. She says Mama, Dada, waves bye, climbs, dances, speed crawls toward what she wants when she's told "No!", gives kisses, BITES, and tries to get into cabinets and drawers, hits herself (yep) and says "Na Na Na Na Na" while shaking her head (I'm guessing that's her "no")when she's frustrated-particularly when Jackson takes a toy from her, and she is quite the food snob and will only eat table food now. She is such a sweetheart-very gentle and feminine. She is usually very quiet and just tends to sit back and observe the chaos! She smiles a lot and is a very happy and content baby. We all are just in love with her and are blessed by her being in our family.


Summer said...

I just now read the Mother's Day post, and I wanted to tell you how sweet it is. Your love for each child is so apparent. The details that you mention of all three children will be so special to them when they go back and read this one day.
Also, the picture is so great.
Happy Mother's Day!

Collins Family said...

Happy 11 months Chandler. It is hard to believe you are almost 1 year old. Time has flown by so quick!

kgibbins said...

you're beautiful CG! i love you.