Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday)

First sign of summer!
Jackson's Birthday balloon delivery

Wanna switch?

Getting some of Jack Jack's while he's getting balloons!

Exploring for bugs with new equipment

Enjoying the bigger pool

We kicked off Memorial Day weekend with a decision to upgrade our tiny plastic pool to a somewhat larger plastic pool. It's amazing how tiny it became once the the three of them got inside. Since it was so nice and warm outside, we let the kids play with their new bug catching equipment before we left for Wal Mart. Then, we heard the ice cream truck (for the first time this year) and the kids got an ice cream. It was so beautiful outside. We all stayed out while they ate their ice cream, and then the delivery truck came. Grandpa and Grandma sent Jackson birthday "boy-yoons" as he calls them, and a Dalmation stuffed animal-it was quite the hit.
After they finished their ice-cream, we went and got the pool and headed back to fill it up. The water was freezing but everyone had a great time. Chandler Grace even got her own baby pool which worked out great.
We enjoyed just spending the day outside enjoying the great weather.

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kgibbins said...

Hey! what an awesome group of pictures! the kids look so cute...