Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

We have been so excited for Christmas this year! It's extra fun with 3 little ones-especially when it's the first Christmas for 1 of them!
Christmas Eve morning, we started our Waffle House breakfast tradition! And who would've guessed that parked right next to us and coming out of Waffle House as we were heading in was Dale Earnhardt, JR!! One of the neat surprises one might get living in Nascar's Mooresville, North Carolina!! Christmas Eve night, Kennedy and I kept our tradition of baking chocolate chip cookies for Santa. Then, Kennedy got a surprise call from Santa! She was so excited! Then, we got the kids ready for bed.
The next morning we were ready to go! Christmas day was here! They came down the stairs, and Jordan captured their sweet faces on video and camera-it was priceless. Kennedy and Jackson lit up when they saw what Santa had brought for them. Baby Chandler didn't understand, but definitely enjoyed her gifts! She got the hand-me-down spring horse first gifted by Papa for Kennedy. She loved it! She also got Peek-a-boo blocks, phone, and a teether. So they each got one main gift-Kennedy got her Disney Princess cash register and Jackson got an air-tivity ball popper! Both a big hit!! Kennedy and Jackson each got giant stockings stuffed with small gifts, toys and candy. They loved it. Chandler will get hers next year!
We instituted the first Annual Silly String War that took place after all of the gifts were opened. Everyone got a can in their stockings! Kennedy was declared the winner but, Jackson may give her a run for her money next year! Then they had 2 "shared" gifts from Santa-a bean bag and one more.....After opening all of the gifts, Daddy said he heard Santa upstairs last night, so the kids ran up to the playroom and there was a Castle Bouncer just waiting for them!! They had a ball.
After settling down (a little!) we had Grandma's sticky rolls for breakfast. We had a big Christmas lunch and had my family's traditional finger foods for desert. It was nice to bring a little from each of our families traditions and incorporate them into ours.
We asked Kennedy what her favorite thing was for Christmas, and she said "My whole family". She has such a sweet heart and she melts ours all of the time with the things she says.
We enjoyed this Christmas so much. We've had a new baby for Christmas the past 2 years and that has been a blast. These kids make everything more special and definitely bring the magic to our Christmas!

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Collins Family said...

Looks & Sounds like a great Christmas for the Harr Family!