Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chandler Grace-6 Months

I cannot believe this baby girl was born to us just 6 months ago!! June 11th seems so far away!!Life has only been better having her with us and we are looking forward to her first Christmas!
She got a good report today from Dr. Little and 4 shots-ouch! Not a happy girl! We looked like a comedy "The Harrs go to Town" by starting the visit off to my opening the door and nailing my son right in the face with it, then no sooner getting inside having to change his poopy diaper, once back in the room Jackson shutting the drawer on his thumb, of course this was right before the nurse enetered to give Chandler her shots, so he was screaming and crying "Hold me, Mommy" while I'm trying to hold Chandler's hands like the nurse asked me to, then she's crying from the shots, then I have to put him down to dress her-both of them screaming, Kennedy asking me in the midst of this to read her a book instead of picking up all of the blocks and puzzles she and Jackson have strewn across the room like I'd asked her to, all of this to be followed with Kennedy turning off the light in the main office while I'm trying to pay, and Jackson running off down the hall to an open room. I vowed never to return with all 3 for an appointment again!! Yikes.
Okay. Chandler Grace at 6 months:
Weighs 17.9 pounds, 27 inches long
Sitting up
Eating rice cereal with spoon
Starts baby food-graduates from eating rice cereal to green beans-doesn't like AT ALL-pushes out with tongue, makes horrible faces and gags!
LOVES oatmeal, though-sucks it up!
"Talking" & cooing
Loves to make "motor boat" sound!
Rolls to get something she wants
Gets in Crawl position
"Knows" her name
Gets agitated when she can't do what she's trying to do while playing
Reaches and grabs anything in sight
Takes and hits table and floor with toys
Loves watching Baby Einstein DVD
Rubs my face while I feed her a bottle
Rubs Jordan's chin when he feeds her a bottle
Jumps in exersaucer
Can "stand" when you hold her up by her hands-strong legs
Pats my back when I carry her around! (Jackson did this, too!)
I love every milestone with my babies. I love that I am blessed to get to go through them a third time. Each has been amazing and unique to each one of them. I'm really trying to soak up each thing and not rush them because they go so quickly. But, nothing's better than going through it at the time!!

When I figure out how to post the link, you can view her 6 month pictures we had taken until I can get ours scanned!

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Happy 6 Months Chandler Grace!