Monday, November 12, 2007

Chandler- 5 months!

Chandler had her first feeding-1 teaspoon of rice cereal with a spoon!! It was her first time in her high chair that Gigi got her. It was so funny-she would make the most awful faces! I really thought she'd go after it, but she kept sticking her tongue out to block it! She did manage to get some. The kids watched as Jordan and I took turns feeding her!
I can't believe she is 5 months old already! It has been a productive month-here is where we are at 5 months:
*Says Da Da!! (She beats her brother and sister who both said it at 6 months!)
*Teething symptoms (drooling, eating fist, everything goes to the mouth)
*Laughing out loud (the most for Kennedy!)
*Can focus across the room
*Kicks and gets excited when Daddy walks in the door from work
*Can follow us around with her eyes
*Can roll over-back to belly/belly to back
*"Talking" cooing!
*Smiles at Daddy, Mama, Kennedy and Jackson!
*Watches her sister and brother play
*Gripping-hair,toy, whatever!
*Reaches for things
*Had rice added to bottle (4 months)
*Distracted easily (usually from Kennedy and Jackson)while eating her bottle!
*Had 1st Halloween-went as a caterpillar
*Pulls for and "kisses" your face
*Removed infant head support in car seat
*Hangs arm over the side of swing
*Jumping in exersaucer
*Eats rice cereal with spoon

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Collins Family said...

I love it the blog looks great! Way to go Chandler Grace eating from a spoon!