Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chaos in the Harr house

Well, we hoped it wouldn't happen, but all 3 kids are sick.

With Jackson still sick, Chandler Grace got sick Wednesday afternoon during her nap. Talk about pitiful-I have never seen a baby this small vomit and worse dry heave. It broke my heart. She never cried afterwards, but looked very confused. She just laid around on me or in her swing all day. Jordan brought Pedialyte home and she hated that! But, we had to keep her hydrated so we gave it to her with a dropper after she refused the bottle. She vomited/dry heaved all day until 8 pm-thankfully, she slept until 5:45. Jordan gave her a bottle and she kept it down until 8-and then-well, what can I say she got me good! And the couch, 2 blankets, the floor and herself. Our washer and dryer hasn't rested since Tuesday! After not vomiting for an hour, she had another bottle at 9. She kept that down and had her next bottle around 11:30. Well, she vomited again around noon. After her nap we'll start over with the Pedialyte.

Kennedy got sick right at bedtime last night. She started vomiting around 8pm and did so every 10-20 mintures until this morning. She has been the only one to also have diarrhea. Thankfully, she hasn't had another vomiting episode since this morning. She doesn't nap anymore, but today I told her to take a nap and she didn't fight it-not only that, she was asleep in only a few minutes after laying down!

Jackson is better, but the past 2 nights has woken up vomiting at midnight. During the day he just sits very still and is on my heels whenever I get up to do anything. So far, he hasn't vomited today. He is napping also-all 3 went down for a nap around 1 and slept until 3-that should help!

As I've mentioned Jordan is the only Analyst in the office this week, so he isn't able to be home to help. So, today should be very interesting! They all just want to be held. It breaks my heart that I can't just hold each one. They are having to take turns letting Mommy hold them, which is not going over well. I think we are on the downhill slide of this bug-hopefully. Jordan and I are hoping we can stay well to take care of them-at least until they are better.

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