Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr Day

We have taught Kennedy about Martin Luther King Jr and this man's wonderful contributions for equality and his role in ending segregation. I was telling Kennedy his story and it's importance this morning on the way to school. When I finished, she said, "Wow! When I grow up, I'm gonna be a super hero just like him"! I said, "You know, he kind of was!"
Of course, driving up to school and not seeing a car in sight, I realized it was closed for Marin Luther King Jr Day!!

We are thankful our baby girl only knows of inequality due to race from the stories that are in the past. She has been taught that a person's worth doesn't come from the color of their skin or anything else. A person has worth because God made them. We are teaching and will teach our children to always have a voice for what is right. We think that this man is an outstanding example-after all, his voice changed a nation.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

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kgibbins said...

I have a dream...and I have a King (get it? double-word score suckuzz!!)!