Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tuff Man

My Tuff Man!
Team Harr

The Armory
It has been Jordan's dream for the past 5 years to box in a Tuff Man competition. Well, Friday night, January 25th, he made that dream come true! I've always fought him on it in the past worrying for his safety/health. This time last year, he wanted to do it, but asked if he got in shape and trained would I be on board for this year's Tuff Man. I said yes. And he did. And I gotta admit, I've actually been excited about it! He is in the best shape he has ever been in, so if he was gonna do this, now was the time. I also have to say-I am so proud of him for working hard and going after his dream. What an example for our kids!

On Friday I made all of us "Team Harr" shirts to show our support since we wouldn't be at the fight. I couldn't watch my Jordan get hit and I knew that it was totally inappropriate for the kids to see. Fortunately, a lot of people from Jordan's office showed up for the fight. And......HE WON!! His first boxing match was won in 2 rounds-the guy actually gave up and wouldn't go back out for the third round! Since he won his match on Friday, he fights again Saturday. Once you lose-you're out. There will be a total of 3 more fights. Two fights and then the championship fight.

Saturday night HE WON his second match!! And guess what? Once again his opponent wouldn't continue-this time after 1 1/2 rounds!! Way to go, Jordan!!

Jordan fought his 3rd match, but lost in the 2nd round.
What an accomplishment! Not only did he go for his dream, he did a really great job! We are all so proud of you and your achievement! Congratulations, Jordan!


Collins Family said...

Way to go Jordan!

kgibbins said...

Super proud of you Jordan! I am proud to be a legally state-recognized member of Team Harr. When do I get my shirt?

kgibbins said...
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P&S said...


Thank you for making our first visit to a Tuff Man contest so exciting! It was great to see and you have aquired some really excellent skills. I spoke with Doug and he is really proud of you also. He was in Kentucky with his family to celebrate their daughters first B-day he hoped you'd understand. I told him who better than you. This website shows just how commited both you and your wife are to your kids and eachother. We are proud to know you.

Take care,

Paul & Sherry
Eat a sandwich or something your almost my size! ;)

Mom said...

Jordan, I am sooo proud of you! You did awesome! I just wish I could have seen it - (I think?) Maybe not. I'm not sure I could watch my son get knocked down... Anyway, I do want to see the video. Maybe that won't be too hard to take.

I love you bunches