Monday, January 14, 2008

Daddy's Home!

Jordan "Gets A Tie"
The highlight of Jordan's National Sales Meeting was getting a tie. Ties are given out at the annual National Sales Meeting for great achievement. This was the first time Jordan received one. It is such an honor for him and as his wife, I am so proud of Jordan's work ethic and know that he deserved this recognition for all of his hard work with this UST. Congratulations, Jordan!!

Jordan left Sunday morning, January 6th for his company's annual National Sales Meeting in Orlando, Florida, and got home Thursday night January 10th. So, it was just the 4 of us. What can I say it it was a long 5 days! We managed, but everything was just better when he got home! We all missed him terribly. The kids were pitiful waiting on him to drive up Thursday night-Kennedy sitting looking out the window on the left of our front door, Jackson on the right! Jordan saw their faces when he drove up-it melted him! As always, Daddy brought presents!! He brought Kennedy a set of Disney Princess cups, Jackson a Disney characters tee shirt, and Chandler got a stuffed Minnie Mouse! They were very excited for their presents, but mostly just glad Daddy was home!

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