Monday, January 28, 2008

Chandler is clapping!

Sunday night, Jordan was sitting in his chair recuperating from a SORE body, lip, and especially head, I had just sat down on the sofa after putting on ANOTHER load of "sick" laundry, Kennedy was busy playing "artist" and drawing countless pictures for Mama and Daddy, Jackson was watching The Wiggles, and Chandler Grace was playing in the floor with her back to my feet. Jackson jumped up to dance to one of The Wiggles songs, so I began to clap with the rhythm of the song for him as he danced around. I just happened to look down to see Chandler's hands coming together. I blurted out "Jordan-is she clapping?!" He looked at her and sure enough, she was-and happy as she could be about it!! She had a great big smile-which only got bigger as we cheered "Yeah, Chandler!!" and kept repeating "Clap-can you clap?" And she would! We all got so excited and was so neat for all of us to be there togther to witness that first!


kgibbins said...

Little Chan-Zandler!!! It looks like she's happy, and she indeed knows it.

Collins Family said...

YEAH Chandler