Friday, August 1, 2008

Just A Year Ago?

August 2007
August 2008
It's officially August. I came across this photo a few days ago that I took of you 3 monkeys last August. I cannot believe how different all 3 of you look this August. I know it's been a year-I mean, in one way, I feel like I've blinked and it's already been a year since Chandler Grace joined our crew, and in another way, it seems like forever ago that you all looked that small. It's bittersweet as you get older. So sad to see the stages that are over, but so great to anticipate and experience the stages that are ahead.
Maryann blogged about some of the precious things her 2 girls say at this stage, (thanks for the reminder to get this down!) and I thought I better take some time, also to get down some of the things you are saying that I don't want to forget.
I'll start by saying that I couldn't possibly jot down EVERYTHING you say that is worth remembering. But, my best efforts recall:
*You still call the door bell the "ding bell"
*You still call a piggy bank the "penny bank"
*You think Alice in Wonderland is "Allison Wonderland"
(Like I said, these are just a few-you say something that cracks me up everyday-seriously.)
*When I say "You hear me?" You reply in a sad voice, "Hear me" instead of hear you
*You say "Watch anyone" or "Anyone, watch" instead of everyone
*You ask daily, "We go the store?"
*When we say "You're a boy", you say (in a very frustrated tone) "No I dinit, I Jack Jack"(saying didn't instead of not)
*When we say, "Jackson, don't do ____, you say pitifully, "I sorry, I really sorry."
*Constantly saying (with folded hands) "Dear God" (usually nothing follows)
Chandler Grace-
I'm going with cute things you are doing since you hardly say anything!
*Gives kisses and says "eee ooo" for love you
*Frown when you're upset or for no reason at all
*When told "No" you walk off quickly with wide eyes making an "ooh" sound! (Like you're in for it)
*Climbing and standing on and walking off of ANYTHING (quite the daredevil)
*Constantly pulling pans from the drawer under the oven
*Dances, claps, and pats legs a lot while watching songs on Blue's Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba & The Wiggles
*You "Happy Feet" (Okay, so this is what we called it when Jackson did it because it was the time that Happy Feet came out)-but, you sort of tap real fast and look like a penguin when you get excited!
*Loves to eat dirt outside
*Loves to turn the TV on and off (repeatedly and much to the dismay of your sister and brother)in the Toy Room
*Say "ducka ducka" (sort of clicking your tongue) constantly and you're not saying it for a duck. It's anyone's guess, really. But we all say it back to you!
Anyway, there's a few things that are down that you say/do right now. I know there is more, but your poor mother's memory-let's just say I'm just happy that I remember these!


Kim said...

I love that you wrote down all the cute things they say! I took one hour of our morning and tried to write down everything Rylan said. Needless to say our little chatterbox filled up two columns front and back!

And I love K's memory verse! I teach first grade SundaySchool and that is always our first one. Way to go for starting her early on memorizing God's Word!

Jennifer Floyd said...

They are just beautiful, Kim!! What a great way to never forget all the "little things"!