Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Made It!

Picking up Kennedy from her 1st day of school

Kennedy and Mama made it through the first day of Kindergarten! It was so funny that because she was so cool and calm, I was, too. She was okay, so I was okay. Her being so excited let me relax and be excited, too! We are so pleased with her teacher and that she has friends in her class -it is an answered prayer!It was a great first day! And I know it's going to be a great year.
Now she wants to ride the bus. KENNEDY? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOUR POOR MOTHER?? Well, perhaps after seeing a driving record, maybe I'll allow her to ride the bus, too. No, seriously, I am getting the information for her to be a bus rider. Why is it they beg to ride the bus and then later beg not to have to ride the bus? (I did the very same thing.)
When we got home we hugged like we haven't seen each other in days!
Kennedy's favorite part of school? Getting to eat her lunch in the cafeteria with all of the kids. She even got to sit by Garrett. The worse part? Having rest time which consists of laying on a towel and listening to classical music. Her words-"It was really long and boring, boring, BOR-ING!" My favorite part? She told me she missed my face.
Well, the last weekend before Kennedy started school, we celebrated on Sunday evening by going to DQ and then heading to the park. Then on Monday night, the night before school started, we had an ice cream party in Kennedy's honor.
To celebrate her first day we made an invitation for Kennedy to stay up late (since they weren't having school on Wednesday) with Daddy and Mama and watch The Sound of Music (one of my all-time favorites) for the very first time! Big hit-she loved it and didn't miss a moment. Very impressive after being up since 6:45AM and considering it went off at 12:20AM!
We love all of these exciting firsts with Kennedy and are blessed that we are the ones that get to share them with her.
Here's a slide show of pictures from the park and parties!

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maryann said...

Kennedy sounds EXACTLY like Caitlyn... bus and everything. SHE has been the strong one this week, for sure!!!!!!! I loved your details of each day and the invite for Kennedy was SUCH a great idea......might have to steal that!