Friday, August 8, 2008

Sisters, Shots & Popsicles

Kennedy and Chandler Grace had to get shots yesterday. They each needed 4!
I was worried about Kennedy, my little drama queen, who has dreaded this for the past 3 months.
She went first and was SO brave! I was so proud of her. She didn't even cry.

Chandler Grace on the other hand...

I thought it was so sweet that the entire doctor visit Kennedy kept asking when Chandler Grace was getting her shot-she seemed more worried about her than herself. When it was time for Chandler Grace's shots, Kennedy covered her ears and stood in the corner so she wouldn't have to see it.

We learned that Kennedy may need glasses in the near future and that Chandler Grace is tall for her age! The best part about the doctor visit? Both of the girls got pink popsickles afterwards! When we got home, I snapped a picture of the two of them on their special day. Kennedy thought it was neat that just the girls got shots and popsicles.


Whitney said...

Kennedy didn't cry? Wow- very impressive! She was being strong for her little sister! Adorable picture!

April Kay said...

Aww, Chandler Grace looks JUST like Jordan in that pic! :) love it! I wish we could see y'all in person, but at least I get to read what's going on with y'all on this thang!! I need to post pics of Mason's first shot visit. I just can't get the image of his two chubby little thighs with the bright band-aids on them out of my head!!

April said...

I'm soo behind on my blogging...but I loved reading your last several posts! The one about all 3 kids and cute things they do and say was just precious. I enjoyed reading it and definitely need to do a similar post in the near future myself!