Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The First Day of School

Our big girl on her big day!
Kennedy and Daddy

My kindergartener

Best Buds!

Garrett and Kennedy

Bye, Mama

It's official-Kennedy started kindergarten today!
We had to be up early to get ready and have her to school before 7:35. It was exciting making her lunch and snack. I even put a note in each for her. For breakfast, she had Life cinnamon-her favorite cereal- in a special glass. She seemed real impressed-fancy gets a lot of points with Kennedy!
She picked out a dress to wear for her first day of kindergarten. She looked so big and definitely looked the part when she put on her backpack and held her lunch bag.
We all took Kennedy to school this morning. Jordan kept the babies in the car while I carried her box of supplies and walked her to her room. I even got a few pictures. The best surprise was when Garrett walked into the room. Garrett was Kennedy's best buddy from preschool! They ran up and hugged each other. It helped me feel a little more settled.
I didn't even cry. I guess I got it all out last night before finally going to bed and then again before finally falling asleep. I pass her baby pictures on the wall and just can't figure out how these past five years have gone so quickly. My baby. My Kennedy.
I am so thankful to have had the blessing of spending every day with her up to this point.
I know she will do great. I just miss her. So does Jack. I'm so thankful he has Chandler Grace to play with.
I find myself already checking the clock to go get her at 2:10. So, all things considered, I guess I'm actually okay. Just checking the clock and praying for Kennedy to have a great first day of school!


April said...

Wow! Kindergarten. She is beautiful! She looks so happy to be in school. I do hope the day goes smoothly for all of you! :) It is hard to let them grow up, isn't it?! Sigh. I'm excited to hear how that first days goes. And I'm thankful you have had those first 5 years at home with her. It's a blessing you'll never regret.

BTW, I love the zooomed in pic of the girls holding hands. Precious.

RaeChelle said...

You did great! You should be so proud! I sat with Isaac after his first day and wrote down every nugget he had to offer. One day he said they had to practice "tomato drills" (tornado drills) and I just about busted! He also said there is a lot of rules to learn in Kindergarten, the school has special rules the entire school is expected to to follow and they drill into each kids head all the way through the school year. It's a good thing! ;) Glad you made it!!!

Holly said...

Good luck at school Kennedy! This time will pass by so fast, Kim! Enjoy it!

Whitney said...

Waht a big girl- she's precious! I can't wait to hear how her first day went! And I'm so proud of you for not crying Mommy! I really thought you would!

Summer said...

I am so glad that her first day was great. She looks so precious in that sweet little dress. Great pictures!