Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kennedy 4 years and10 months!

I realized I blog about the babies monthly birthday and since I don't keep up with Kennedy's age by months, I just post to update what is going on with her. I decided to start doing a monthly recap for her, too. Why not?!
This past month Kennedy:
*Month for Daddy & Kennedy's special day-Had lunch at Cracker Barrell and went to see Horton Hears a Who
*Started Tae Kwon Do
*Went to Garrett's birthday party (friend from preschool)
*Had school pictures taken (will post these when they come in)
*Informed the director of her preschool: "I have made my decision and I'm not coming back to your school another year-I'm going to big kid kindergarten"! (Mrs. Nancy got such a kick out of this!)
*Won the game of Disney Princess on Wii
*Favorite food-Daddy's steak off the grill
*Favorite drink-Root Beer
*Favorite dessert-ice cream
*Favorite TV show-Spongebob Squarepants
*Favorite movie-Prince of Egypt
*Favorite book-Fancy Nancy
*Favorite game-dress up/pretend
*Favorite color-
*Favorite game-hide & go seek
*Says she wants to be a Super Model, Soccer Player and Super Hero when she grows up and will marry Corbin Bleu
*Into Disney Princess & Barbie Mariposa & BRATZ
*Loves to color, draw, paint, sing, dance, ride bike, play with baby dolls, play at the park, play outside, go to the movies, go to Sonic, wear dresses, wear lip gloss, play Wii, play Nick Jr. and Noggin on the computer, go to the library, Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers songs, to bowl, and help Mama cook and bake.
*Hates to have her hair combed
Kennedy is a very high spirited and energetic little girl. She is very strong willed. She has a tender heart and is very sweet. She is a nurturer and wants to “take care” of everyone. She is very independent and always wants to do everything by herself. She likes things to be the way she wants them to be. She’s our big helper and always wants and tries to please us with what she does. She is her toughest critic-quite the perfectionist. She is very smart and she notices everything. She has a very good long-term memory. Kennedy is a great big sister. She is extremely protective of Jackson and Chandler Grace. She adores them and plays good with them. She is very motherly with them and has never showed the first sign of jealousy or resentment to them. She is very dramatic! She likes for everything to be "fancy". She has a vivid imagination and is extremely creative. She loves to perform-she is very much an entertainer. She is witty and very funny. She is a beautiful combo of being a tom boy and being very feminine. She is a happy and healthy 4 year old and she is the heart of our family.


kgibbins said...

Kennedy....has anyone ever told you that you were a Major Cutie? Cuz if not, I mean...I'm gonna make a shirt that indicates to others that you are, cuz I think...oh wait a second...uh, nevermind...

kgibbins said...

You sure have a lot of pretty pictures Sem-Pi...