Friday, April 25, 2008

Jackson-23 Months

Happy 23 months, baby boy!
Just 1 more month before you are 2 years old! I cannot believe that is true. You have a new found sense of independence-let the 2's begin!

Here are some of the things about you at 23 months:
*You tell "knock knock" jokes-in your own way. Example: Knock, knock. Who's there? Table. Table who? And then you just laugh!! It's so hilarious!
*You love to say No!
*You love to climb and stand on tables, chairs-anything!
*Go, Diego, Go! is still your favorite cartoon.
*You will say: "Daddy"? Dadday answers "What"? Then you go through Mama, Kennedy and Chandler Grace. But, after we all answer what-you don't say anything.
*You take off running (not moving your arms) and don't always stop when you are told.
*ALL BOY-totally fearless

*Very sensitive and sweet
*Ask "WHY!"

*Say "because"

*Favorite food pizza
*Favorite drink chocolate milk
*Still don't like meat-only hot dogs
*Always want to go outside
*Love taking baths-ask all day!
* Love to wear your big sister's shoes and hats!!

*When you get in trouble and I say "You hear me?" You say, "Hear me" instead of "Hear you"!
*Love to pretend talk on phone
*Can count to 14 in English
*Can count to 10 in Spanish
*Identifies triangle, square, circle, 1, 2, 3, A, B, & C.
*Identifies colors
*Can sing the alphabet song
*Can sing the Happy Birthday song
*Loves to jump
*Love to pretend you're a dinosaur, monster or any animal that roars!
*Know the sounds animals make
*Loves playing with the kids at the gym twice a week and when we get there, you say, "friends"!
*Love to be read a book at bedtime-then cry when it's over
*Take nap 12:30-2:30 or 1-3.
*Go to bed at 8-usually asleep by 8:30/sometimes 9
*Up at 7-no later than 7:30
*Idolizes Kennedy and loves to play with her
*Adores Chandler Grace and loves to hug and kiss her
*Mama's boy and Daddy's boy
Happy 23 months, Jackson!

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kgibbins said...

Jackson, the pick of you layin across the couch cushion is awesome to me. I always think its so funny & cute when you out of nowhere just sprawl out somewhere - lol. You just play & run around & stuff & BAM, you decide to lay down on the ground face first, arms straight down your side for like 30 seconds (you'll learn time soon enough) & then you get up & you're off & running (quite hillariouosly) again. well played Mr. Moon. Also, backward hat & sunglasses let's me know not only are you too cool for school, but your future is wicked bright also.