Friday, April 11, 2008

Chandler Grace - 10 Months

Chandler Grace

Today you are 10 months old! What a blessing you have been each month you've been in our lives.
This past month you've done a lot of new things:

*Stand from sitting
*First sippy cup

*First Juice

*First solid food-carrots, peas, potatoes (love bread!)
*First Stage 3 foods
*Cut top 2 teeth (4 teeth total!)
*Shake your head "no" and say "na na na" when you get upset after being told "No" or if you get frustrated
*Make more noise
*Squat and Stand
*Climb stairs (& over and on everything!)
*To get you to quit crying in the car, I hand you my brush-works every time!
*You hold your hair when you go to sleep
*When we see you crawling for something that is off-limits you crawl as fast as you can to it!
*Very gentle
*Very feminine
*Very sweet
*Loves to cuddle
*Usually very quiet
*Laugh the hardest at Kennedy

~You are such a joy to our lives and we treasure the blessing you are to our family!
All my heart,


Karie said...

Kim, I don't know if you remember me or not. I was Karie Stewart at Harding. Anyway, just found your blog through someone else's. So neat to read about the story of your family. God obviously had Kennedy planned for your family. Isn't it amazing to see his perfect timing when you had probably felt so alone and like He wasn't listening to your prayers. What a faith booster!

Congratulations on your precious family.

kgibbins said...

Awww, the pics are so good! Lil CG is quite the cute little lady! Great job on the pictures. (PS: I'm at Harding seeing these so I duuno what the deal was the last time I tried & didn't work out.)

Collins Family said...

Happy 10 months!