Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wagon Ride

Jordan kept the kids while I went grocery shopping at Wal Mart Saturday morning, and took them on a wagon ride around the neighborhood. They had fun enjoying the warm morning and being outside.


Mamma_of _five said...

Hello there Kim :) it was very nice to meet you.
Your children are all so Beautiful as well.In asnwer to your Question its very Hard sometimes to find the 1-1 time , My husbands a Manager for the Railway so he's gone lots,but usually hes home on weakends and Friday nights are "Family Night" and thats fun its usually renting some family videos and everyone gets there PJ's on and lots of Treats!Kids Love it. Then when we need to go shopping we will Take 1 child with us and the others will stay home. We love Coffee @ Tim Hortons so sometimes I will dress the Girls up in there Pretty Dresses and my husband likes to take turns having Coffee with Daddy.
2 of my boys Love Hockey so Tim my husband will play road hockey with them , while I Spend time with the other 3:)hope these ideas will help:)and I'm glad were Friends....Take care!

kgibbins said...

Jackie MOON! I love your hair pal! And to all you knuckleheads, love ya, miss ya, miss ya everyday... lol. Hey Kennedy, ummm...i'm uh, gonna go scuba diving today....APRIL FOOL'S!!!

Collins Family said...

Looks like fun out enjoying the weather with Daddy!