Monday, March 31, 2008

Kennedy's Spring Break

This past week was Kennedy's Spring Break.
We kicked it off by letting her stay up after the babies went to sleep. Jordan took Kennedy to the gas station to pick out a soda and an ice cream bar (her request!) while I put the babies down. Then the 3 of us got sleeping bags out and watched Nancy Drew. We enjoyed our snacks which included sunflower seeds-a first for Kennedy which she loved-or the process anyway. It was so much fun. We love our alone time with our oldest baby.
During the week she got to do a lot of special things like get a Happy Meal with a Princess necklace toy, get candy at Wal Mart, we had a pizza party, we also had an ice cream party, she baked chocolate chip cookies with Mama and got to use heart and rabbit shape cookie cutters, and then Saturday night got to stay up late again with Daddy and Mama to watch The Kid's Choice Awards. We enjoyed having her home all week.
But today she was so excited to go back to school!

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Jake and Taryn said...

You have such an adorable family!! I LOVE the picture of your kiddos at the top of your blog as well as their outfits! They are SO cute!! :)