Monday, March 3, 2008

Chandler Grace's New Car Seat

Chandler Grace got a new car seat last night at Babies R Us. She's long since outgrown her infant carrier. Of course, it is pink and brown for our baby girl. She looks so adorable in it and seems much happier. This particular car seat can be used for all of the stages and up to 100 pounds, so that will be the last one we have to buy for her. It was kind of sad taking the infant carrier out. It's been almost 2 years that we've HAD to use it. After Jordan installed the new car seat (while still in the parking lot) he sat the old one in the seat next to her and said, "So, that's what it would look like with 4!!" We had a good laugh.

We just have to laugh at how we have crossed over from the infertile couple to the overly fertile one! After 7 un-pregnant years, full of tests, procedures, surgeries, failed fertility treatments-people hurting for/with us, praying for us, people feeling bad to share that they were pregnant, which we hated for them-to us, a baby was always good news! Especially from someone else who had struggled with infertility. It was like scoring one for the team and it gave us hope! We just can't believe how God has blessed us.

These past 8 months have been the longest anyone at Jordan's office has seen me NOT pregnant. I was pregnant when we moved here and then again just 4 months after giving birth to Jackson. They starting teasing Jordan right after we had Chandler Grace that I will be pregnant again this year. (Sorry guys!) But, oh how we so enjoy hearing that. Such a beautiful victory for us. Everytime I tell my brother, "Guess what" or anything of that nature, he always says, "You're pregnant!"
NO, I'm not! But, I've gotta say, it is much better on this side of the fence. We are very blessed at all 3 of our miracles! And now, all 3 are in "big baby" car seats or "big kid" booster seats!

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Collins Family said...

It is amazing how the years have brought joy into our lives after so many years filled with heartache & disappointment!