Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chandler Grace - 9 Months Old

March 11th, our baby is 9 months old! Hard to believe that she can stand on her own, dance, eat some solids (honeybun, bread, etc.), tries to climb the stairs, Cries for Jordan to hold her as soon as he gets in the door from work, content to play by herself, cries if Kennedy or Jackson cries, loves to be clapped for, makes all kinds of sounds-clicks her tongue, cruises the furniture, is happy alone until she sees Mama or Daddy, goes and stays happily in the kids room at the gym, can hold bottle by herself, ticklish-especially at her neck, sits and watches Blue's Clues, had her first boo-boo, got a new car seat, cut 2nd tooth, smiles and acts shy when she hears us say "Chandler Grace" or "No" to get on to her (usually for touching the TV)Chandler Grace is gentle, quiet and content. She is a real sweetheart!

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