Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jackson-22 Months

Jackson - 22 Months - 3.25.08
My baby boy, you are 22 months old today! All that makes me think is that in 2 months you will be 2. You are such a special part of our family and we all just adore you.
*We can always hear you say during the day, "Hey, what are you doing here?" This is how you ask what we are doing!
*You have this deep voice you use from time to time that makes us laugh.
&You still love Go Diego Go, Dora the Explorer (which you call Dora & Boots), Blue's Clue, and The Wiggles.
*Your favorite (and only) movie you watch is The Incredibles.
*You have a new found love of books and are constantly bringing me one to read.
*You love taking a bath.
*You love bubbles.
*You still love cars, trucks, school buses, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, and airplanes. Even bicycles.
*You love riding in your wagon on our family walks.
*You love to play with Kennedy.
*You love to hug and kiss on Chandler who you mainly call "Baby".
*You sometimes say to your sisters "Never do it again!"
*You love animals.
*You are very independent and will say "I do it" or "I hold it"
*You like to say "NO!"
*You mind very well.
*If I ever say "Ouch" you always say, "K, mom?"
*At nap time and bedtime you'll say "Up" (because you want to get up) before going to sleep.
*When I say "Don't do that-you hear me?" You say "Hear me" instead of "Hear you"
*You love to color and ask to everyday.
*You love to draw on your Doodle.
*Everyday when Daddy walks in the door from work you yell "Daddy home"
*You can identify a triangle, circle and a square. And, you can count from 1-14!
*You are in a "in love with Mama" stage and always wants a kiss from me or want to kiss me (which I adore).
*This past month Papa, Gigi & Kyle came to visit
*This past month you had your 2nd Easter
*You weigh 27 pounds
*You like to roar and when you're asked if you are a lion, you'll answer "No, I'm a tiger" (or dinosaur or monster-whatever you don't ask).
*You are a picky eater, still don't like meat, but you are a good eater.
*Your favorite food is pizza
*Your favorite snack is peanut butter in a spoon.
*Your favorite thing to drink is chocolate milk and water.
*You fall off to sleep if I rub through your hair when you're sleepy.
*You are a fearless daredevil and ALL boy YET....................................
*You are scared too death of the car wash, vacuum, hairdryer, bare feet in grass or sand?!
*You are also sensitive and tender hearted.

Your daily schedule consists of:

Waking up around 7AM

Watching The Wiggles while you drink your milk

Breakfast 7:30/8AM

Leave at 8:15 to take Kennedy to school (If it's a school day) or watch your favorite cartoons

Watch Go Diego Go 9:30AM

Play in the Toy room 10-11AM

Leave to get Kennedy from School (if it's a school day) 11:15AM

Lunch 11/11:30 non school days; 12 school days

Nap 12:30-2:30 non school days; 1-3 school days

Color, Play, etc 3-5PM

Dinner 5/ 5:30PM

Monday & Wednesdays Gold's gym playroom 5:30-6:30

Family time

Bath 7PM

Watch Go Diego Go 7:30PM

Bedtime 8PM

You are my dream come true-a son I've always dreamed of having. Happy 22 months, my sweet baby boy. All my heart, Mama

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