Monday, March 3, 2008

Family Night

Family Night has been a tradition in our family since Kennedy was about 14 months old. We usually have it on the weekend, and usually get or make something fun together for dinner and dessert. Then we usually do something ALL OF US together. Most of the time we watch a DVD together on a pallet in the floor complete with popcorn. Now that Kennedy is older we have more options.
We got the game Whack a Mole while at Toys R Us in Concord on Sunday. We went over after getting Chandler Grace's car seat at the Babies R Us across the street. We let Kennedy and Jackson run around and play with the toys. They had a blast. Then we ate at the KFC/Taco Bell and headed back to Mooresville.
We thought it would be fun to start a collection of games to have for family night. This is our first kid game and we all had great fun playing it. The 4 of us played and Chandler Grace even hit at the moles with the mallet! I'm having the time of my life with the kids. They are so much fun - it's like Christmas for me and Jordan with them everyday. Nothin' like it!

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Collins Family said...

Looks like fun! Mommy have you lost weight???? Your face looks thin in that pic (not that it ever looked fat just looks thinner) :)