Friday, March 7, 2008


Last night, after dinner, I went to the Carolina Kids Sale (400 + consigners) and found Elefun the Elephant for $8! Better than the 20 something it is new! I couldn't wait to get home and show the kids!
They were so excited. We were, too! So, we played when I got home with it around 6:30 until time for baths before bed.
The object is to catch the most butterflies in your net. Kennedy really loved it and just laughed the whole time she played. Jackson opted to go around and pick up the ones that landed on the floor! It was a lot of fun! Another game to add to the collection!


Collins Family said...

Looks like fun...I like the new slide show website, I have been frustrated with I might try this one out sometime. I just love finding good deals, I hit a big consignment sale last night and got a few things and we have a big one this weekend but snow is not helping me get to it. I am hoping we can go tomorrow and of course on Sunday for 1/2 price day!!! Have fun playing!

Nicole said...

Funny! I just noticed we got married on the same day :) and What a fun game!