Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Bus Rider

Kennedy has joined the ranks of bus riders everywhere!
She was very excited, of course, so much so, in fact, that we were outside waiting at 6:50! The bus picked her up at 7:10- at our driveway, which was nice. She wanted all of us to be there, so there we all were. It was exciting watching and waiting for the bus. And to watch her get on? Well, it was just about the cutest thing ever! She stomped up those stairs like an old pro. The nice bus driver even told her to turn around so that I could get a picture. I didn't ask to see her driving record, but I did cry as I watched that big bus drive away with my little girl.
The 3 of us will be waiting at 2:20 for bus #63 to pull up and bring our girl home!


Dallas said...

I cannot even imagine the turmoil that was going through your heart and head. Did you call the school to find out if the bus made it safely to the building? I probably would have driven secretly behind the bus :).

Kim said...

No. But, seriously, it crossed my mind. And Jordan made me promise not to.

Holly said...

Good for you Kim! I had to go through lots of convincing to let my girls ride the bus too, but they love it! I do call every year and get a full detail report (me just asking about 30 questions) on our bus driver. It always makes me feel better, and it has been a blessing that I don't have to wake up the others to take AB to school. It looks so dark! AB catches the bus at 8:20 a.m. Wow! I would be in for a huge change if she had to catch it that early. Kennedy looks just so cute, and I hope she just loves it!