Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Jordan turned 31 on Monday!

To kick off the celebration, we hid, jumped up and yelled "Surprise!" when he walked in after work. He seemed just as excited about that as the kids!
He requested Chicken Divine for dinner (Amanda Thornton's mom's recipe!) After dinner he played tee ball in the backyard with the kids while I made the brownies. Then he opened his presents and we had Brownie Sundaes. I got a 3 picture frame and had each kid finger paint for it. He loved it. Today, he took it with him to hang in his office. It was a low key birthday, but lots of fun.

Jordan is our hero and he is adored beyond measure. We laugh that EVERYDAY when he gets home from work there seems to be a battle over his attention. He can hardly get through the door and the kids come running, yelling, "Daddy's home!" and of course, I'm right behind them! It is one of the best parts of our day. It gets insanely loud and chaotic with everyone (including me) trying to talk to him. He is such a blessing to this family and I hope and pray this will be his best year yet!

Hard to believe I have loved this man for over half of his life! One of the blessings of finding your match at 15!


Whitney said...

Happy Birthday Jordan- glad yall had a fun time celebrating!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! I've always thought so much of him (and you), too. I'm so happy that the two of you have such a close, loving family! It will make my Mom's day that Jordan requested her chicken recipe for his birthday! Oh, and laughed out loud at all of the Kennedy stories thinking of all that I have to look forward to myself.

April said...

Happy Birthday, Jordan! Looks like it was wonderful. Kids do make celebrations fun, don't they?! They bring an enthusiasm to life itself that is contagious and priceless.