Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jordan's 5K

On the sidewalk by the starting line (check out the adoring little brother-aww!)
Before the race
And they're off!
A wave to the kids!
Waiting for Daddy!
Here he comes!
Jordan crosses the finish line
With 2 of his biggest fans after the race
Sharing water with his little lady
Walking in step with Daddy
Being a good sport and humoring his wife for this picture!
This morning, Jordan ran his first 5K! He is an avid runner and finally decided to go for it! He managed to finish in 27 minutes and 27 seconds! Me and the kids were there to see him off, cheer him on and greet him at the finish line. What an accomplishment-I mean, I was worn out from just pushing the stroller all around and sharing the responsibility of holding Jackson's hands with Kennedy. I always admire Jordan's ambition and excitement to participate in new things as well as his dedication to train for them. I'm also thankful for the example it sets for our children.
It was a very neat experience for all of us and we are so proud of our Jordan and Daddy!!
Way To Go Jordan!!!!
After the race, it was off to Kennedy's soccer game. A very eventful day!


maryann said...

Just did my weekly "catch up!" What a week....what a few weeks you guys have had. I just love hearing about Kennedy and her "firsts!!" She seems so full of life......what a blessing to everyone that knows her!!! Thank you for is good to go through all these experiences with others!!!
And way to go Jordan......what an awesome experience for the whole family!!! NOw..........if I could just Daniel to start exercising!!! :))

NRA4Life said...

Brother, I'm proud of you! You've done yet another thing that none of us have even tried. Way to go!!! You're an inspiration for me to start running... that doesn't mean I have to start now, right?


April said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pics of the whole family enjoying the day of Jordan's 5K! BTW, I left a comment on the previous post just now, too. I do enjoy Kennedy's adventures!

Collins Family said...

Way to go Jordan!