Thursday, September 11, 2008

From the Mouth of Kennedy...

Here are a few things that cracked me up this past week.

Kennedy: (Very frustrated tone) Mom, now Garrett says Carley is his girlfriend.
Me: Oh. Well, you never said Garrett was your boyfriend. He's just your friend, right? (Remember she has pledged her undying love to one, Corbin Bleu.)
Kennedy: Right. But, ugh!! I told him, Garrett, you said I was your girlfriend at your birthday party and now you're saying Carley is your girlfriend. Huh, huh, HUH?!!

Jordan: Let's eat our dinner if we're gonna watch The Tortoise VS The Hare.
Kennedy: Daddy, I know why you're saying that.
Jordan: Oh yeah? Why is that?
Kennedy: We need to hurry and eat our dinner so we can have time to watch the movie before it's bedtime.
Jordan: That's right, sugar! You're so smart.
Kennedy: (Very matter-of-fact, one palm up in the air) Well, I have took science class before!

Kennedy: (From the backseat) Ow! Chandler pinched me! Chandler's a monster. She used to be a little rainbow, but now, she's a monster.

Kennedy: (Bedtime prayer, most sincere voice, eyes closed tightly) Dear God, ...... and thank you for my mom, she's so trustword.


Danna Ramsey said...

Some days they are rainbows, some days they are monsters. That may be my new motto. :)
Kim, we have ANOTHER connection. My best friend is married to Aaron Brister, who happens to have been super friends with you growing up. Cool, huh?

April said...

All 4 stories are too cute, but "little rainbow" is adorable! I love hearing their thoughts! Kennedy brings joy to lots of us via the things she says and does that you share on your blog, Kim.

And riding the bus?!? Wow. I am impressed with her desire to do that! I, too, would have cried as I watched the big bus pull away with my baby girl on it. I love the pictures (in the dark!) of Kennedy boarding the bus.