Friday, September 5, 2008

Our "Twins"

I've had so much to post about Kennedy lately, that I thought I'd post some of my favorite pictures from the summer of Jackson and Chandler Grace together.
These back to back babies are 12 and 1/2 months apart-our version of twins!
They are completely precious to watch together. They are buddies. They love on each other, play great together, and are very close.
It's so sweet to watch Jack "baby" Chandler Grace when he, too, is so small. He's very much the big brother by putting her paci in, feeding her or helping her up when she falls. He even baby-talks to her. One of our favorite things is how he calls her Baby. When we ask what's baby's name, he answers Chandler Grace, but he calls her Baby. When Chandler Grace hugs him, he says "Baby love me!" Very sweet.
I pray that they will always be close in their relationship. I attribute the fact that they are now to their closeness in age which I am so thankful for and has been such a blessing.
What icing on the cake to be blessed with these 2 after being blessed with Kennedy. It is more than I could've ever imagined and certainly more than I deserve. I'm truly blessed and truly thankful.


Dallas said...

Oh my goodness, they really do look like twins. They are absolutely adorable! A mini Jordan and a mini Kim :).

Collins Family said...

So precious! They really could be twins!!!!