Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our big girl

Kennedy has her first play date without Mama today!  She is going home to play with Isabella, her best friend from Girl Scouts, classmate, and fellow bus rider.  She even gets to get off at her bus stop today-this, of course, is a very big deal.
Kennedy's hair has gotten longer and we pulled up the sides to try a new hairstyle-she looked older to me.  I guess she is growing up.  I realize 6 is around the corner, but when I look at her big brown eyes, I see my baby Kennedy.  Maybe I always will.


April said...

She is beautiful. No doubt about it! I really hope she has a great time playing with her friend. And, yes, she will always be your baby girl!

Dallas said...

tug. at. my. heartstrings.

what a sweet post about your big girl! i hope she enjoys her playdate today!!!!

Collins Family said...

Have fun on your play date and I agree she looks older and I hate it that they grow up way too fast!

Jenn said...

You will. Grace and I were watching TV last night and I was telling her how little she was when she was born....Sweet babies that are big!

They get so big so very fast!! Hope she had a fun playdate!! :)