Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

The Daisy Girl Scouts Father Daughter Cinderella Ball was last night!  
I took you to get a dress and you picked it out all by yourself.  I was very surprised at how decisive you were.  You never wavered after making a choice, even though you tried on MANY dresses.
You chose to wear your silver sparkly dress up shoes.  
Daddy ordered your first corsage and chose a pink rose with purple ribbon.  Roses are your favorite flower and pink and purple are your favorite colors.  He did good-I didn't even know he had ordered one for you.
In addition to coming home with a corsage, he had another surprise for his princess.
He gave you a real tiara to wear to the ball.  You were beyond excited.  And you really looked like a princess.   You are our princess.
At the dance, all of the Disney Princesses were there!  They had finger foods, fruit, cake and a punch fountain, which Daddy said you were very impressed with.
You danced with Daddy some of the time, but mostly with your friends.  Daddy even captured some of it on video!
I got a text last night from Daddy that read:
Here is what I just heard.  Dad, I don't want to dance with you.  You're a terrible dancer.
Poor Daddy.  We died laughing about it later!  Let's just say, with you, Kennedy, we never have to wonder what's you're thinking!  You don't intend it to be mean-spirited, but you are honest to a fault!!  We got a kick out of it.
Daddy also told me after you got home, that you said it was the greatest night of your life.
What a wonderful memory for you and Daddy!


Shannon said...

So sweet! In Little Rock Bailey always enjoyed going to our church Father/Daughter Valentine Dinner. Such special memories!

abc said...

What a precious princess! And such a sweet daddy. I love her hair up, too.

abc said...

What a precious princess! And a sweet daddy as well. I really love Kennedy's hair up.

April said...

I absolutely love it!!! Those pics are great and what a cool idea!

Sandi said...

So sweet.

happymomof2 said...

AWWW so sweet:) Kennedy looked like a beautiful princess, she did an awesome job picking out her dress. And your husband is awesome too for getting her a corsage and a tiara! What precious memories!

Amanda said...

What a sweet memory! I'm so glad they had such a great time! Love Chandler Grace's striped shorts at the park. Gracen has some, too!