Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chandler Grace

(catch up for 19, 20 and 21 months)                  

Things you Say:
Shanna for Chandler
Shoo Shoo for Choo Choo
Ti toe-Tip toe
I tink for I stink
Gan for Again
Shah bow for Shadow
Show Shoe for Hold You
KeeDee for Kennedy
Ja Son for Jackson
Sheesh for Cheese
Co Co Co Wara for Cold, cold, cold water-which is all she ever drinks except for smoothies
beebee for Baby
Calls camera  Cheese
K for Okay
Says MINE constantly for anything she wants
Toot (whenever she does it; and laughs about it)
Down -when she wants down out of her high 
Bi pay for Diaper
Cacker for Cracker
Mo Mo for Elmo
Shesh for Yes
Shoosh for Shoes
Sone for Phone
P'wo for Pillow
No for Snow
Side for Outside
Hannah for Hannah Montana!
She She for Gigi
Bah for Ball
Pee pee 
Poo poo
Cody (when The Suite Life of Zach and Cody is on)
BuCu for Blue's Clues
D go for Diego
Kwee for Lightening McQueen
Toyeez for Toys
Ki for Kyle
Coke (when she sees my drink!)
Says No-even if she means Yes!
Says Umma if you ask her any question
Peesa-for pizza and for paci
Hewo for Hello
Biyee for Bye 
Night Night
Sowwy for Sorry
My Turn
Teeth-when she wants to brush her teeth
Manna for Banana
No for Nose
E uh for ears 
Juh nan for Jordan
Ki-ying for Crying (says when someone is crying-K, J or someone on TV)

Things You Do:
When asked can correctly identify nose, ears, eyes, tongue, hair
Counts 1,2,3
Hold anything up to her eye like a camera and says
Pretends to feed us and rubs our belly saying Mummy for Yummy
Answers No for anything even if she means Yes
Strips daily
Loves books
Says pillow when she's tired
Sings (well sounds out the tune with jibberish and a few correct words!)Taxi, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Best of Both Worlds, A few Wiggles songs, God Made the Big Round Sun-with motions
Does Pat-a-cake
Daredevil-favorite thing to do right now-jump off ottoman onto bean bag about 20 inches away.  Says, "Turn!  1,2,3, Jump!"
When asked what does the train say, makes the motion of pulling the cord and says "Shoo Shoo!" for choo choo.
Very much a little lady -soft sweet voice, graceful, gentle UNTIL...
Temper, temper, temper!  Makes a screeching yell sound, runs and falls in floor or runs and finds something to hit
Can answer right for what does a cow, horse, dog, cat, monkey and rooster says
Points to and says square when she sees one!!!!  (Thank you, Jackson!)
Closes doors
Constantly takes ALL of the shoes off the shoe rack and puts them back on.
Loves to pull baking sheets out from oven drawer
Loves to pull out all of the plastics from the one cabinet that isn't child proof
Climbs onto and Stands everything
Loves to wear hats and shoes (dress up)
Eats crayons
Loves to wear socks and shoes-even if she's in her pajamas-she always wants them on!
Says sorry even if someone hurts her
Run if we say come here snickering all the way!
Let's Kennedy hold her like a baby
Wants hugs from Kennedy and Jackson
Best eater 
Doesn't like milk or potatoes 
Loves to talk on the phone and pretend to talk on the phone
Loves her class at church

Just some things I wanted to get down for you since I haven't been faithful to write or scrapbook.  CG-you are such a mess and such a joy!

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