Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I celebrated my 33rd St. Patrick's Day Birthday today!  Jordan and Kennedy took the day off from work and school to join in the celebration.  Balloons were everywhere when I came downstairs. My wonderful husband gave me one of the best gifts by letting me sleep in (first time in years) and got up with the kids.  I walked downstairs to find balloons everywhere!  The kids were SO excited.  We had a great day.  In keeping with tradition, Jordan took Kennedy and Jackson to the Dollar Tree to pick out my birthday presents.  We enjoyed a great dinner at Cracker Barrel, or Cracker Bella, as Jackson called it.  (Thank you, Dad & Mom!) We had a great time despite the fact Kennedy spilled her drink and Chandler Grace dropped her bowl that broke on the floor. Sigh.
We had cupcakes and presents when we got home.  The kids even colored paper and used it for wrapping paper! Kennedy picked out grape scented bubbles for me, and chose an Easter card for my birthday card!  Jackson picked out a small silver frame, and chose a sympathy card for my birthday card!  Ha ha!  That cracked me up.  
I got cards, phone calls, facebook birthday wishes, emails, money, tulips, Cracker Barrel gift certificates, a shirt and a book from friends and family. Great day.  I'm very blessed.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! I think it is so sweet that the kids pick out your presents...makes it that much more special. Sounds like you had a great St. Patty's Day!

Dallas said...

Happy birthday! I'm so sad that I missed it on Facebook. Sigh. I'm sure I have missed many, many birthdays since I have banned it for Lent. What a sweet family you have! Love the gifts and especially the cards ;). I'm glad it was special for you!!!!!

happymomof2 said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like you had an awesome birthday:) Had to chuckle at the kids cards, too precious.

April said...

Looks like it was a wonderful Birthday! Happy Belated Birthday, Kim!!!