Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kennedy & Mama's Special Day

Last Saturday for our special day, Kennedy chose to eat lunch at Lancaster's BBQ restaurant. We even got to sit at a booth in the bus at Kennedy's request. It was neat taking in all of the NASCAR memoribillia-although we're not into that. (Man, this town is totally wasted on us!)
It was wonderful! We had hush puppies, fried pickles and ranch for appetizers. For lunch Kennedy got a corn dog and fries and I got the BBQ sandwich and onion rings. She even got to order a Mr. Pibb (major deal since she never has coke!) We played in the arcade after we finished eating.
Afterwards, we hit the Dollar Tree and she got to pick out one toy. Of course she chose the purse, earring, bracelet, necklace combo. (We have gone through 3 or 4 of these!)
Then we went to the matinee to see Space Chimps. She loved it and it was really cute. After the movie, we went shopping for school clothes at the consignment shop so it worked out great that she played with toys while I scouted her size! On our way home we drove through Sonic to get a slush-perfect way to complete the outing. A perfect girls day.

I treasure the time we have together-just the 2 of us. It is so special. I love that I can just focus on Kennedy and give her all of my attention. And she loves that it is just about her. I really don't know who has more fun?!


Holly said...

I love it Kim! That is so sweet to have a special day with her. I try to do that with each of my girls too.

Collins Family said...

Sounds like a GREAT day. SCHOOL CLOTHES...I almost for got she is starting KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!

Whitney said...

I love that yall do that! Glad you two had a wonderful time together!