Monday, July 7, 2008

How we spent the 4th

Hooray for long weekends! It was so nice to get Jordan for an extra day. Friday and Saturday we headed outside for the day after the babies naps and spent most of our time in the pool or playing outside while dinner was on the grill. Then we'd come in and shower before dinner and dessert and and then play Wii or a game with the kids before their bedtime.
The fourth was a lot of fun. Jordan grilled steaks and Kennedy and I made a flag cake for desert. We played Wii and Hot Potato until time for fireworks. We didn't shoot off fireworkds or go to the big display here on the lake due to the on and off again rain. Instead, we let the kids stay up until it was dark and we watched everyone else's fireworks from our front porch-not a bad deal by the way! It was quite a show.
Sunday brought rain, so we hung out inside and managed to get a lot of work done. The toy room was one of the targets and I went through and got rid of toys and reorganized it for the kids to actually be able to see what they have to play with rather than it being scattered all over the floor! Jordan made desert last night-peanut butter cookies from scratch (I don't even like peanut butter cookies-these were amazing! Seriously, I think I ate 5!) So, we let Kennedy take some over to our sometimes neighbors, Bruce and Teresa Sunday evening. They are an older couple from New York and they use the house next door as a vacation home. They will live there permanently in 2 years when he retires. They have a Jack Russell Terrior, Roxie, that my children adore. She is so playful and good with them. We ended up staying outside visiting with them. They are very fascinating-Bruce was one of the firefighters at 9/11.
It was such a relaxing weekend, we felt like we were away on vacation! We just enjoyed being together. Hope everyone's 4th was great!


Whitney said...

What a fun weekend! Sounds like yall were super busy and had lots of yummy food! I love all of the sweet family pictures!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you guys had a great holiday weekend! My parents and Kristy came down, so we got to spend time with them which was fun. Sounds like you need to send some of those cookies down here or post Jordan's recipe so we can try!

Amber said...

I found you through Angie's site...Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading about your journey...and you have a beautiful family!!!