Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Challenge-31 Day Challenge

My blog friend, Pete, ( the pastor of Cross Point church in Nashville, is giving a 31 day challenge to read one chapter each day in the book of Proverbs, beginning January 1st. Post it on your blog and pass it on!

31 Day Challenge_2

I think one of my favorite seasons on Without Wax last year was the 28 day challenge we did leading up to Easter where hundreds of you joined me in reading through the book of Matthew.

With that in mind I want to extend an invitation for you guys to join me for the 31 Day Challenge.

It’s simple. There are 31 days in January and 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs. I want to challenge you to read a chapter a day from Proverbs through the month of January. We’ll start with Proverbs 1 this Friday, January 1.

I’m doing this challenge in conjunction with a new series we’re launching next week at Cross Pointentitled Pursuit, The Search for More, where we’re going to go through the book of Proverbs. Whether you’re at Cross Point or not I would love to challenge you to be a part. We’ve even set up a separate blog RIGHT HERE so you can discuss with others what you’re reading. You can also track each others observations by using the twitter hash tag #cp31days.

Do me a favor and leave me a comment if you want to join us. Then RT this post and let’s see how many people we can get to join!

Are you in?

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