Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve with Papa, Gigi & Uncle Kyle

When Kyle and I were younger and living at home with our parents, we celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve since we traveled to both sets of grandparents on Christmas day.
They have continued this tradition, so we had their Christmas with them at our house.
We had it at our house, had our traditional finger foods for dinner and opened presents. This year we also let the kids buy gifts for Papa, Gigi & Kyle at the Dollar Tree. Papa got a flashlight, watch and pair of socks; Gigi got a scented candle, Santa figurine and frame; and Kyle got a badminton racquet and birdie, Wall E puzzle and silly glasses/mustache. Lots of fun!
The kids were completely spoiled with all of the presents from Papa & Gigi and Kyle & Katy.
We were so thankful Kyle came down from Fayetteville, but we sure missed Katy since she was in RI for Christmas with her parents and brother.
The most special memory of the night for me was watching my Mom read Twas the Night Before Christmas to my kids just as she always read to me and Kyle when we were little.
It was a great night and such a blessing to be back in Arkansas to celebrate together this year!

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Collins Family said...

I am sure this year was much better being at home and not having to travel so far!