Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas-y Family Day!

This year we set out to go see Santa Claus on the court square before going shopping, but due to the rain, he wasn't there. So, in an effort to recover from the disappointment, all 5 of us-for the first time-went to the matinee to see The Princess and the Frog. Despite 4 bathroom trips and one spilled large drink, it was a success!

Ever year we take the kids to the Dollar Tree to buy gifts for each other and for us. After the movie we went and took turns taking each kid in for his/her turn. It was so much fun to watch each of you carefully and excitedly choose each gift for each person.

After shopping, we headed to Brick Oven-everyone's favorite pizza-to pick up dinner and bring home. Perfect evening for it since it was cold and rainy out, and we were starving after all of the shopping. Love this time of year, traditions and special memories with my sweet family.

After dinner we did our gift exchange. This year Kennedy got Jackson a Mickey Mouse flute, Chandler Grace a Cinderella ribbon wand, Jordan a flashlight, and me flowers in a vase. Jackson got Kennedy an Ariel ribbon wand, Chandler Grace a Princess Tiana tiara, Jordan a mini flashlight and me a toy soldier jewelry box. Chandler Grace got Kennedy a Disney Princess night light, Jackson a Diego paddle/ball, Jordan a pair of socks and me moisturizing cream!
I will say that 3 toys were broken before bedtime! But, it was a great day and night.

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Collins Family said...

I love your dollar store idea!