Friday, April 10, 2009

A good Good Friday

I had the greatest experience with my daughter today.
Kennedy was out of school for Good Friday.
So, this afternoon I asked Kennedy if she knew what Good Friday was.  (To be perfectly honest, I wikipedia-ed it myself.  I mean, I know it goes with Easter, and I've read about the crucifixion in the Bible, but I wanted to check quickly before we talked.  Usually, Easter Sunday gets all the attention around here.)  She said no, so I got the opportunity to explain that Good Friday is a day to remember that Jesus was crucified.  To which she replied, "That's not good."  I told her that it wasn't good for Him that he died, but good that He would die for us.

I told her that was how criminals were punished back then, by hanging on a cross.  I reminded her of the agony He endured even before being hung on a cross.  Then, I told her that He hung on the cross for 6 hours.  She asked how long that was.  I thought, and told her it was the same as her school day.  I explained that for the last 3 hours, darkness was everywhere.  (The dark and stormy day we had here was the perfect setting for our talk!) Then I told her that when He died, there was an earthquake, the tombs broke open, and the curtain in the Temple was torn from top to bottom, and that even a guard who didn't believe Jesus before said, "Truly this was God's son!" (Matt 27:45-54)  (Her eyes WIDE!)
I went on to tell her that He didn't have to do this.  But that He chose to because he loved her and everyone so much, that He let all of that happen so that we could go to Heaven.  I told her that's why it's so important that we live our lives for Him and try to be like Him.  She was ALL ears for our conversation.  

She got down out of the chair with me, and regular chaos ensued before I realized she wasn't in the room.  I heard a door shut, so I called out to her.
She came around the corner and said:
"Mom, do you know where I've been?  I went to the bathroom and sat on top of the potty to pray to Jesus and told Him, (her eyes closed) I'll do anything for you.  Anything for you. Because you did that for me."

And, isn't that the point?
Happy Good Friday.


Whitney said...

What a sweet story :)

Karie said...

Praise God for precious, tender, open hearts like your little girls! I love what God shows us through children. Thanks for sharing! I love checking your blog.

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Ahhhh, I love it!!!! He loves those words....anywhere you say them. Great story. Thanks so much!!! Happy Easter.

April said...

Wow. Very, very wonderful, Kim!!! I'm so glad you shared your wonderful day with us online! That makes me happy. :)

Dallas said...

That is beautiful! What a sweet daughter you have and what an open and sweet heart she has. Thank you for sharing that!

Collins Family said...


Sandi said...

So sweet, Kim. Thank you for sharing!

Kim said...

This brought tears to my eyes!!! What a precious tender heart. Oh if only we all were so tender!!

We will be praying for Jordan's job prospects. Your honesty about your faith was inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

June said...

"From the mouth of babes..." Oh, that we could be so touched all over again. Such a precious tender heart.