Tuesday, April 14, 2009


For Easter, our church offered 5 services. They asked the regular attenders to come Friday or Saturday evening, to allow room for all that they expected to attend on Sunday.  Isn't that awesome?
So, we went Saturday night, instead of our normal Sunday service.  Of course, Jordan went for all 5 services since he was singing.  It was such an awesome experience to have the service outside.  There were 1,000 at the evening Saturday service.  Just incredible.  
In Cove Kids, they did a huge egg drop from the ceiling!  The kids made bags and picked up prize eggs.  After church, I took the 3 of them to Northlake Mall to see and have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny (I'll post later).  It was a late night, and since we run like clockwork around here, I didn't know how they'd hold up.  But, we made it.  We got back and picked up Jordan from church, came home, and the kids crashed. 
Sunday morning, the kids helped roll the dough for Grandma's Chicken Pot Pie-a family favorite, and what we had for Easter lunch.
The Easter bunny brought the kids Easter baskets Sunday afternoon.  I guess he knew that Daddy wouldn't want to miss it!  You guys don't get candy often, so it was a real treat.  The girls got pink purses, and Jackson got a Lightening McQueen cap. There were very impressed with their Easter baskets.  Jordan and I swapped Easter baskets the night before.  This year, I got my own Easter basket! He bought me a green lined white Easter basket and filled it with my favorite candy AND new earphones for my ipod that I use at the gym-he did good!  Great Easter.


Billie Jean said...

Hey, Kim. I feel like I know you through reading your blogs (that I found through Danna), and looking at Aaron's facebook friends. You have a beautiful family and always have such sweet things to say. I enjoy keeping up with you. Maybe someday we can get our families together. I know Aaron would love to see you. I am going to add you to my blog list so I can keep up with you more often!

Whitney said...

Glad yall had such a wonderful Easter! That Easter lunch looks and sounds delicious! :)