Saturday, December 20, 2008

Picture with Santa

We waited one hour-that's right-one hour in line to get the kids picture taken with Santa.
Jackson and Chandler Grace smiled the entire wait in line, but not in the picture with Santa. My girl had a big smile, though!

Ah, nothing says the holidays like driving 30 miles in the pouring rain, running into the mall in the pouring rain, running through the mall with 3 kids (1 in a stroller), just to get to the line for pictures with Santa and have the mall cop close the rope. It was Santa's dinner hour (5-6). I knew this since I called ahead. We were there at 4:40, but due to the lengthy line, they closed to ensure he was finished with everyone AT 5.

That's when Jordan shows up.
Okay, new plan.
Jordan takes Kennedy to get an autograped picture and have her picture made with Matthew Underwood from Zoey 101, while I took Jackson and Chandler Grace to the play area. The play area lasted all of 10 minutes because Jackson didn't wait for a smaller boy to clear the way before he went down the slide head first and landed into the poor boy's face. Bawling ensued-on both ends. Then we were walking off and a bigger boy ran into Chandler Grace and knocked her down.
Then she's crying her eyes out. So, I brave the crowds holding Jackson and pushing Chandler Grace in the stoller through the length of the mall. Not fun.
We ate dinner in the food court, then went and waited for ONE HOUR to get a picture with Santa.
Tis the season!
(Compare the picture from last year-WHERE HAVE MY BABIES GONE??!!!)

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April said...

LOL! I know, I know. It's not funny. One day you will look back on this post and laught, too. ;) Been there, but our wait was more like 30 minutes and only two kids...and I thought that was bad! I have no idea how you do it...:)

It was worth it. Those pics are adorable. I love being able to compare last year's and this year's, but this year's is definitely my favorite!! Your kids are just adorable.

I'm impressed that you got out in the rain to make that memory!