Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kennedy crumbles her milk

Yesterday, Kennedy brought a note home from her teacher saying that they were having trouble with Kennedy playing with her food and drink at lunch and have asked her repeatedly to stop-could I speak to Kennedy about this.
When I asked Kennedy about this, she said she was in trouble for crumbling her milk. I said, "How do you crumble milk?" She squeezes a fist together in the air. I said, "You crumble your milk carton?" She said, "Yes."
Oh, brother.

Today, she brought home another note that said Kennedy did NOT play in her food and drink today at lunch and thank you for talking to her about it.
You would have thought she won the spelling bee or something-she was SO proud of herself. She said, "Do I get a wee-wood"? (reward.)


April said...

LOL! That is too funny. And the post before this one is precious. :)

I'm glad you're recording all this for her!

Katy Menihan said...

Haha! Kennedy we are so proud of you!!!!