Friday, December 19, 2008

Our 11th Wedding Anniversary

Eleven years ago today, Jordan and I were married in Maui, Hawaii.

He was 20 and I was 21! Very young, but very sure.

We were married, barefoot at sunset, on Kapalua Bay Beach(at Fleming Park Beach), and honeymooned on Kaanapali beach.

We had ordered our wedding bands from a jeweler, but weren't happy with them. So, we went WITHOUT rings! Before our wedding, we went to a little boutique and they had 2 sterling silver infinity bands-1 was his size, 1 was mine! It was really meaningful since for the past 4 years of dating we would sign every note with an infinity sign!
Another memory is that our luggage was lost! Wedding dress and all. Thankfully, it arrived 4 hours later.

While there, we had the unique opportunity of spending Christmas Eve at a luau, and having our picture taken with Santa and a parrot on Christmas day wearing summer clothes! Quite the experience.

Some of our favorite memories were our steak and lobster room service on our wedding night, the beach, The Banyan Tree Park, picnic at Fleming Beach Park, and the dolphin watch cruise.

I will always remember returning to Dallas with snow on the ground, and of course Little Rock with ice!

Our families had a welcome home brunch for us that we were thankful to get to despite the weather.

Jordan and I dated 4 years before we got married. Which means I have been with Jordan for half of his life! I love that. The friendship-the history. He is my match in every way.

I'm thinking someday we'll have to go back, take the kids and renew the vows!

Marrying Jordan? Best decision I've ever made.


April said...

Very cool story! I love the part about the rings. That really is extra special. I am soo glad your dress and luggage arrived! Your wedding picture is gorgeous. What a wonderful memory together on the beach. Happy Anniversary!!!

shack said...

Happy Anniversary! Kim, I always remember how cute and sweet you and Jordan were around HU campus! Still look just as cute and as happy as ever- Blessings for another decade of love! Your family is SO precious and what an incredible love story!

Merry Christmas! Wendy Leonard

Summer said...

Happy Anniversary to a GREAT couple!!!

Kim said...

What a beautiful story! Many blessings for you two over the next decade!

And I LOVE the "Chocolate Girl" story! Our precious kids say the best, and most innocent, things!

Merry Christmas!