Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pizza Picnic, Park & Paint

Today was Daddy's last day to lead worship for the River of Life men's retreat in Bald Knob. So, the 4 of us went to get pizza for lunch. I let Kennedy go into Domino's to order and pay-by herself, which of course, she loved. Despite the fact that the kids dressed themselves, I decided to take our lunch to the park, since the day was nice. Kennedy insisted on going home first to get the tablecloth and picnic basket. I needed to go home and get drinks and grab the camera anyway, so I indulged her.
I called Gigi to meet us there and surprise the kids.
There was water under the swings after the storm last night, and I decided it wasn't going to hurt anything to just let them play in it. It was there favorite thing at the park! They were soaked-I had to strip Jackson & CG naked to ride home!
I threw the kids in the shower to wash off before making a quick trip to Wal Mart for acrylic paints and brushes. Next stop was the Dollar Tree for coffee mugs (to paint) and to let them pick out a toy with the dollar Papa gave them yesterday.
We got home and got to painting! They were quite the artists. Then we cleaned up and ate the rest of the pizza that was left over from lunch.
What a fun memory-filled day with my precious girls and boy!

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