Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

What a Mother's Day!!!
It began with me getting to sleep until I woke up, which I will confess was 11:45AM!!
I was attacked by all 3 kids when I entered the Living Room with shouts of "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"
Kennedy had decorated with balloons tied to the dining room chairs and a banner that read "I love you Mom. You're great. And you're mine." She even drew pictures on balloons and put them in gift bags for everyone.
Jordan outdid himself. He recorded each kid making a "Happy Mother's Day" video on the MAC which was precious and made me cry.
The table had a vase with roses they had picked in the back yard. There were 3 frames with each of their pictures next to the plates they had painted along with their printed out mother's day interview.
I got this idea off of April's blog, and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! Their answers about me were priceless. They each stood proudly by me as I read the questions and answers aloud.
After the gifts, we went to Little Rock to have a late lunch at Olive Garden. The hour wait
(even at 2:30) worked out perfectly. Jordan took pictures of me with the kids, a rarity since I'm the one usually taking the pictures, at the Old Mill or Oat-Meal as Chandler Grace says. He did an excellent job and I treasure the pictures.
After a delicious lunch, we came back home. Jordan got the kids to bed so that I could take my mom out for Mother's Day after she got home from spending the day with her mother in Hot Springs.
We went to The Underground and ate, drank and visited until almost 10! I enjoyed our time together so much. I am very blessed to have my mother and to be a mother to my 3 blessings.

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April said...

I'm so glad you liked the interviews! I bet they are precious. The picture of you with the kids is AMAZING! I love it!!! Happy Mother's Day!