Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Weekend

My parents, Kyle, Katy, and the 5 of us are going to a cabin in Mt. View for the weekend! Much needed break for everyone. Can't wait! Of course, I will post pics when we return. I'm posting this early, because I have 2 sick kids to get to a doctor, a brisket and buffalo chicken dip to make, and much to pack!
Have a blessed weekend!

"Be confident in your dream. Act like it's a done deal. Plan like it's already happened. Be confident God will finish what He started. Phil 1:6"

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April said...

I am, once again, incredibly behind with blogging. That said, I am SOOO sorry to hear about the whole first grade experience. That just breaks my heart. I love that girl of yours, and I've never even met her in person! She is so beautiful and so much fun to read about, though. I can tell she has spunk, and I would NOT want any teacher to take that away from her. ;) I'm so glad that you are going to homeschool her! I'll pray that all goes well for you both, and that other opportunities will arise for you as you need them to... keep us all posted!