Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trick or Treat

The Harr Trio
So, they're just gonna give me candy?

This wagon was a life saver!

Love the back view!
Ballerina #1

Ballerina #2
First timer (actually trick-or-treating)
We love Halloween!
Picking leaves off of the shrub
Dumping the candy!

Favorite part I think he's had enough!

We still don't know what was SO funny!
Get him!
My 3 pumpkins!!!
Friday night when Jordan got home from work, we loaded the kids up and went to Sonic for dinner. (Thanks for the Halloween gift cards, Gigi!) Then, we came home, dressed up 2 ballerinas and 1 dinosuar. We trick-or-treated until 7:30! This was a big deal in and of itself since usually they are asleep by then!

They were so precious dressed upin their costumes. The girls took my breath away-I thought they looked beautiful. And Jackson-well, that little boy was the cutest dinosaur I've ever seen. He was so proud of his costume-when we asked him the other day what he wanted for Christmas, he said, "I wanna be a dinosaur!" Clearly, we have some explaining to do!

Kennedy impressed us so much by waiting for Jackson and Chandler Grace to be unloaded from the wagon and walking with them to the door! She even told Jackson to ring the doorbell at some houses! They were beyond excited as we walked to each house.

Our funny happenings of the night were when Chandler Grace tried to go in the door of the first house! Just like Jackson did last year-only he made it into the living room!

Once we looked up and Kennedy and Jackson were waiting patiently at the door, but Chandler Grace was sitting on the porch, back to the door, picking leaves off of a shrub!

The thing that made me laugh the most was when Kennedy and Jackson (Chandler Grace had given up by this point and was content to let her Daddy carry her) went up the driveway to a lady who was waiting with a bowl of candy-and her dog. Jackson didn't see the dog. Now, Jackson LOVES animals, but he prefer they stay still and let him come to them. As Jackson jogs up he noticed the dog, bends and puts his hand out to pet him. The dog comes at him, and in one movement I see Jackson retract his arm, spin on his heel and jog back down the driveway to us!! Not even getting his candy! It was such a funny sight-reminded me of something off of America's Funniest Home Videos!

When we got home we did the traditional "Dumping of the Candy" and then changed their clothes and allowed them to pick a few pieces for us to inspect and let them eat. We didn't get any "fake prizes" as Kennedy calls them-you know, apples, pencils-anything NOT candy. So, she was psyched.

Then the 3 of them climbed all over Daddy trying to tackle him-they had so much fun and I did watching them. I'm so glad Jordan plays with our kids. Then the 3 of them had a blast rolling around on the floor together. I'm so thankful they enjoy each other the way they do. I hope they always will.

One memory I'll carry with me from that night was when Kennedy and Jackson got so tickled-about what I don't even know-and just died laughing! They couldn't even breathe or make sounds at one point. It reminded me of me and Kyle. And it blessed my heart.

Another great Halloween-I wonder what they will be next year...


Whitney said...

What cute pictures- all 3 kiddos look precious! My favorite pic is the one of Chandler Grace picking leaves instead of trick or treating! Classic :)

Sandi said...

Sooo cute!! They are precious!

April Kay said...

Oh, I LOVE these pictures!! Your kids are just beautiful! I can't wait to take Mason trick or treating next year!! I'm so glad we have found each other again after not being in touch for years! I'm sooooo happy that God has blessed you and Jordan with an amazing family! Love ya!