Saturday, November 8, 2008

Star Student of the Week

Star Student of the Week
Kennedy was chosen Star Student of the Week. This means next week they will have 5 pictures of her on the bulletin board along with questions/answers about Kennedy!
She is so excited and has these answers for the following questions:

What is your name: Kennedy Jordan Harr

When is your birthday: June 27, 2003

How many sisters? 1

How many brothers? 1

How many pets? 0

What is your favorite color: Pink

What is your favorite food: Steak

What is your favorite thing to do at home: watch TV

Where is your favorite place to go: Chuck E. Cheese

We took her out Friday night to celebrate-she chose Red Robin and we had an awesome time! Afterwards, we drove through McDonald's so she could use the free desert card the school gave her for being chosen Star Student of the week and she chose the hot fudge sundae with nuts.
Congratulations, Kennedy! Gigi said it best:
We are so proud of you, just for being you, but then you always give us extra special things to make us even prouder!
We love you and are so excited for you being chosen Star Student of the Week!